Wet Olivia

Wet OliviaOn the outside, Olivia looks a few years younger than her age.
Her looks are beyond innocent, and that compounds with her youthful appearance.
But Olivia’s image says little about the jaunty nature of this girl next door.
Olivia omits the wetting action, dropping her panties down and bending her legs just enough to jut her ass over the table to pee.
Olivia aptly demonstrates that she can pull off a sexy maneuver as she takes a piss.
Done for the moment, she draws the panties back up and sits over the wet table.
Every time that Olivia sets up for a piss, she positions herself in a non conventional manner – one from the couch with her legs up and apart and then with one knee on the table as she pees into a funnel channeled into a bottle.
Olivia takes to some anal action with a glass toy, pissing wildly as it remains inside her.
She finishes off by pissing from on top of the table with one leg in the air.
Although the pissing is more sporadic, a good amount trickles down her leg nicely.

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