The Squirter

The SquirterShylina may have shy in her name but this sexy brunette is anything but.
This scene gets off to a hot start as Shylina masturbates her pussy and spreads it open for you on a massage table.
By a minute into the scene, she is pissing out controlled little streams for you that shoot forward as little remnants drip down her outstretched thighs.
Shylina then dives into her piss, soaking her white t-shirt so much with urine that it becomes see through.
Her nipples are hard and peek out as she squeezes them beneath her shirt.
Trying to dry it off a bit, Shylina sucks her piss out of the drenched garment.
Still needing to relieve herself, she displays her piss accuracy as she sits back and shoots her urine into a little glass bottle.
She then pumps her pee out all over her body as she bathes in it.

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