So Happy

So HappyFoxies returns for round two of wet and pissy as happy as Foxies can be.
She begins with a little wetting action, keeping her pants on before letting it flow.
A nice damp spot in her crotch turns into a soaked inner thigh as the piss trickles through her pants.
Knowing that they have to come off, Foxies sucks on the soaked center and proceeds to toss them aside.
Now with her feminine riches out in the open, she uses a tong-like toy for an unobtrusive view of her urethra.
With no flow interruption, she creates an aerial fountain that steeps her top with piss.
Lucky for us, she doesn’t drain out the tank there, and she sticks the toy back in for a more glorified presentation.
She goes extreme doggy style, framing one foot up against the wall of the canopy bed and sprays well past the bed and down to the floor rather desirably.
She graduates to a monster dildo and heartily pisses on it after she runs through half of her course with it.
Continuing on, she pulls out, ready to pee again into the air, only this time for a longer period.
She enjoys the wet bed sheets and then drinks from a massive goblet after she aims her last piss for the cup.

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