Sindy Vega

Sindy VegaSindy Vega may just have one of the best piss streams we have ever filmed.
Sindy gets great sexual enjoyment out of pissing in her panties.
She likes the warm, wet sensation of her pee seeping into her underwear and running down her pussy.
She says pissing can be like cumming, it feels so good when she’s in the mood.
Sindy is so turned on in this video you can feel her sexual energy.
She masturbates her pussy as her bladder is full to enhance her sexual pleasure before wetting herself.
She then lets it out slowly so she can enjoy every drop.
Her pussy looks beautiful as she spreads her lips and fingers her clit.
Sindy goes slow and takes her time so you can see it all.
Keep in mind that as Sindy pees then stops then pees more she is practically getting to the edge of an orgasm for you.

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