Shy Lana

Shy LanaThe first thing that you will notice about Lana is how much she loves to smile.
She’s a natural for the camera.
Her eyes, perfectly synchronized with her smile, grab hold with an overwhelming power.
Lana’s lovable personality sheds some light on how much fun a girl can have in the sometimes misunderstood niche of pissing.
Trust is one of the most integral pieces and seeing how carefree and inviting Lana is shows the fruits of that bond.
On the physical side of things, Lana is as diversified as it gets.
She pisses from a sitting position on the table, spreading her legs open, aiming for her now defunct clothing.
Later, with one leg riding on the table and the other on the floor, she pees beautifully straight down to the floor.
After she finishes off with her golden rod, she tosses it on the floor, focusing on pissing again and then finally peeing into a glass.
A cute goodbye wave from Lana wraps things up nicely.

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