SherrySherry looks amazing in this must see video.
See her wet her thong as she walks across the floor to the chair we have waiting for her.
You can hear it dribble on the floor as she walks.
Sherry said she held it in all day so that she would be full for her scene today.
She loves to sit in her own sexy pool of urine as she grinds her clit for pleasure.
See Sherry douse her big tits in her warm wet nectar, as her nipples immediately get hard because she is so turned on.
By six minutes in, Sherry’s legs and high heeled shoes are saturated with her piss.
We always go in close up for you to see her thick stream as she pushes it out.
You’ll be amazed at just how much piss Sherry has saved up for you.
The close up shots of her rubbing her pussy lips and tits in her piss are sure to blow you away with pure ecstasy.
You can see Sherry getting more and more aroused as she plays with herself, tastes herself and eventually uses her purple dildo on her wanting twat.

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