RichieRichie is a sexy French model with curly brown hair and a cute little gap in her front teeth.
When we see her walk out onto her porch, she treats us with a very warm welcome.
She immediately begins peeing all over herself and through her denim shorts.
Richie must have drank a lot of water and saved it all up for you in this scene.
You can see and hear it slowly soaking through her shorts and pouring down onto the steps.
The only dry spot on her daisy dukes is the upper waistband as the rest of her shorts are soaked through.
Richie gets so turned on sitting in her warm urine that she has to play with her hard nipples.
When she peels her shorts off, she reveals her tight little brown asshole as she sucks her fresh pee out of her saturated socks.
This is a must see scene as Ritchie goes on to finger and gape her pussy open for your viewing pleasure.

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