My Private Spa

My Private SpaOne of the most rewarding things a person can do is create something.
A little warm water and a tarp are all that Mia needs to make her own spa.
Almost ready to burst, Mia pees through her pink skulled panties.
Without stopping, she squats down and pulls them aside.
She turns around and springs her body up and down own her legs before being done.
Soaking up her puddle with her blue top, she wrings it over her body before peeing again.
She does a great job of posturing herself as she leans forward and pees.
Her hand works it’s way up her stream until it reaches her body where she seems to stop the flow by turning off a faucet.
More and more she fills up her pool, wallowing in it’s contents.
Mia is pleased with her efforts as she wraps herself up in a paper towel outfit as she walks out.

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