Marketa Strikes Back

Marketa Strikes BackMarketa struts her stuff for us again on Wet and Pissy.
Her second run begins with a delightful piss through her shorts sitting atop of the table.
She satisfies herself by sucking the piss out of them vigorously.
Soon she is naked, lying on the table, and pissing on herself.
She rubs her pussy dry with her hands alternatively, sucking on her fingers after every swipe.
She goes all out, licking the table and soaking her ravishing red hair in her pee.
Now at the mercy of a speculum, we get a clear view of her pee hole as she releases some excellent spurts, right in front of your eyes.
We film in closely, with Marketa pissing all over her leg, shaking her head towards the end of the speculum peeing to let us know she still has one more left in her.
She pumps out some more pissing as she plunges a blue dildo into herself before we get low to the ground for a brief but nice view as she squats to piss into a giant goblet.

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