Kiara Lord

Kiara LordKiara takes the first few minutes to talk about two of her favorite things, yoga and pissing.
She’s definitely not shy about talking in front of the camera, eagerly sharing her enthusiasm without overdoing herself.
Politely, she says, “I really hope you don’t mind if I do it right now”.
We didn’t mind at all.
She stays in talky mode after she pees through her pink dress and wraps herself up in the wet throw rug.
Twice, Kiara pees with her legs split into the air lying on the couch.
Most notably, Kiara pees with her ass in the air while filmed from behind.
It starts off as a small trickle and then launches beautifully into an angled stream.
She adjusts her glasses, smiles, and waves goodbye with her fingers after her final pee.

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