Katy Sky

Katy SkyBlonde is on the menu tonight and Katy Sky serves up a fiery display of piss proficiency.
Before slipping down her faded denim shorts, Katy’s ass is already revealing itself as she preps to piss through them.
As she finishes up, she takes a real interest in licking and sucking on the shorts and then begins rubbing them back and forth against her crotch.
She’s satisfied herself enough to move on to a red pussy gaping toy, plunging it into herself.
It succumbs to her tight body, bending to the will of it’s superior force.
She’s ready to pee again, and the toy is pulled out for maximum effectiveness.
Impressive is the word that comes to mind here as Katy pushes at a lengthy and solid stream, launching it into the air.
It’s start off gently but soon she is pushing it higher and past the surface of the bed.
After she spends some time with a striped rubber dildo, she sets up for her next piss.
Bent over forward with one hand on her ass, Katy provides us with another visual stunner as the action takes place.
After one more encounter with the striped toy Katy simulates a squirting scenario before she finishes off filling up a goblet.
She dips her tongue and hand into the glass and dumps it over her body in the end.

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