In The Mirror

In The MirrorSometimes there is beauty in simplicity, and Lita’s get up, a pair of short-fitting jean shorts with a simple red top and heels, is an effective heart-stopper.
Slipping out of her outfit and down to her red thong, it’s clear that Lita isn’t just mounted on a great pair of legs.
She takes a seat and is ready to pee for the first time.
The piss filters through her panties and she’s left sitting in a puddle formed beneath her cushy seat.
Lita approaches the mirror in front of her and squats in front of it, facing her twin self.
Seeing herself pissing in front of the mirror elicits a mini ‘gasm of pleasure as her pee runs off the mirror and the corner of the wall.
She dabbles with a chrome toy and then rises to her feet, flexing her right leg and swinging her ass side to side as she rains upon the floor.
Lita devotes some of her time to a bit of diving and squirming on the shiny wet floor and then pees on her shiny toy.
A few well placed smiles conclude her presentation.

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