Golden Hair Balsam

Golden Hair BalsamAlyssa Reece pees herself through her green denims.
She starts to strip from her tank top and runs her hands over her warm wet patch of piss before releasing even more of it.
It streams down her legs and onto the glass table below.
Alyssa enjoys playing with it with her hands and rubs it across the table before diving into it on her front.
She turns over and wriggles about in her warm piss after pulling down her jeans.
She loves being wet and messy and spreads her pussy lips apart.
Alyssa uses a vase to collect even more of her golden nectar then drizzles it down her neck and over her tits before pouring it over her head.
She is one wet mess, and doesn’t stop there as she fucks her pussy with a straw and pees once more on the glass table!

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