Feet Club

Feet ClubCandy has been drinking water all morning to bring you on an erotic foot fetish and pee play journey with her.
These are two of Candy’s favorite sexual needs and she wants to share them with you.
To get you in the mood, Candy plays with her hard dark nipples.
See her drool spit down to lube them up for her fingers.
After she’s aroused, Candy strips out of her leggings and we are there to film her pulling her pussy lips apart so that you can see her ample puff and dark asshole.
Our camera is right there as she masturbates on a wooden chair and we get so close to the action you can clearly see her wetness building.
Candy then demonstrates her pee accuracy, filling a glass bowl with her yellow nectar.
She then dips her perfectly pedicured toes in the warm piss bath she has prepared for them.
Foot and pee fetish fans are sure to favorite this erotic scene.

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