Crazy Daphne

Crazy DaphneSensuality is always a very good thing.
That is why Crazy Daphne likes to tease you on camera.
And surely you know that sexy blondes are also great.
But how about having a very sensual blonde with a great face and hot body? Would that be worth a lot to you? Well, that is what you get when you discover Daphne.
It just goes without saying.
And any guy would agree that she is a nice little package.
As far as her body, she is thin and a bit athletic.
But what’s more important is that she knows how to show a guy a good time.
That’s why she likes to squat down on the floor and open her tight little snatch before spraying piss into into a drinking glass.
She then goes a step further by quenching her thirst for a warm, salty drink.

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