A Premiere

A PremiereCarrie charms her way through her second shoot for us and her first time peeing on camera.
Quite properly, she pulls down her pink panties and lifts her skirt up to get things rolling.
She positions herself over the chair, semi-squatted, facing away from the camera.
A small trickle becomes a nicely audible stream and her relieved face soon changes to a charming beautiful smile.
It’s almost surreal how quickly and flawlessly Carrie puts any doubts to rest.
She gets ready to pee again, this time from the sofa, but a small queef causes her to burst out laughing.
After a brief edit, the action resumes as soon as she begins to pee.
Her laughter only moments before makes at impossible for Carrie not to laugh and lose some control over her legs and her bladder.
Remarkably, Carrie is able to go three more times, proving herself to be an exceptional newcomer.

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