Violette Pink

Violette PinkEveryone knows chicks from Sweden know how to get naughty and our model Violette is no exception.
This 22 year old Puffy Peach is ready to put on a pussy show for you like no other.
She is freshly shaved and her pink labia are so full and beautiful, your mouth will instantly begin watering for a taste of her.
Violette is all smiles as she puffs her pussy out for you even further.
Her light eyes dance as she gets turned on knowing you are watching her.
We get so close up to her fingers as she begins masturbating that you can see her getting wetter by the minute.
Violette perfectly places some spit on her clit so that she can slide her fingers deep into her tight twat, showing you how good she can take it.
Things start to get kinky when Violette uses the coiled phone cord to masturbate.
The ribbed cable feels so good against her swollen clit that Violette wants to share her ecstasy with you.

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