Nervous Newcomer

Nervous NewcomerWe have another new face for you on Wet and Puffy today with gorgeous blonde babe, Sindy Raico.
For Sindy’s debut she decided to wear a cute peach minidress and black spike heels and really wastes no time in teasing us by lifting up her dress and running her hands over her curvy ass! Sindy turns around and sits on the sofa before sliding her hands down inside her bright pink panties to touch herself.
She licks her fingers and enjoys her own taste then continues to masturbate with one hand while rubbing her tits through her dress with the other.
Although she is enjoying herself, she looks a little nervous at the cameraman for some reassurance.
Sindy strips out of her dress and left in her pink lingerie, climbs onto the sofa to continue where she left off.
Her panties are now pulled up between her puffy pussy lips and Sindy takes off her bra.
She gets hold of some chopsticks and after taking off her panties, wraps her XXL pussy lips around them almost like they are sushi! Moving onto her next sex toy, Sindy plays with a pussy pump which she uses on her juicy puffy pussy.
It becomes even more swollen after she has sucked her labia up inside the tube and then she makes her way onto the rug on the floor.
Next on her agenda is some serious pussy play with a jelly like dildo.
She slides it into her hole and changes positions while fucking herself faster and faster.
This gorgeous blonde bends over the sofa and carries on with her dildo play in the doggystyle position and as she gets closer to orgasming, she uses her free hand to play with her tits some more.
Moving her hand to masturbate with still fucking herself, Sindy orgasms in a very sensual way and looks like she has really enjoyed her debut scene with us!

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