Katy Rose Loves It Black

Katy Rose Loves It BlackKaty Rose last graced our screens in March and today she is back looking even sexier (if that is possible!) With her hair slightly darker, Katy is posing in black lingerie with a black dildo in hand ready for action.
She crawls up onto the bed with her toys ready but first she wants to get a little more comfortable.
She removes her black high heels and pulls off her top and soon she is bent over on the bed in nothing but her black lace panties.
Once she pulls these off too, naked Katy hangs from the bedframe and uses a piece of pink ribbon to rub against her puffy pussy lips.
Eager to please, Katy uses black kitchen tongs which she moistens with her mouth then slides into her big taco pussy.
She tastes her juices and then carries on gaping her pussy wide apart.
Katy even inserts a couple of fingers while her juicy hole is stretched open and then she is ready to play with her black dildo that she has been so eagerly waiting.
She stands up for the first part of her puffy pussy play and inserts her sex toy into herself.
Afterwards, Katy bends over in a doggystyle position and continues to fuck herself.
She brings herself closer and closer to climax and suddenly she orgasms, enjoying every single second of it!

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