Juicy Cherry Sushi

Juicy Cherry SushiTeressa Bizarre gets things a bit kinky on Wet and Puffy as she wears a tight leather dress and high heels, looking rather dominant! She starts to undo her dress, letting her small but perfect tits poke out before this naughty babe bends over on the leather sofa, showing her panties which barely cover her pussy! After taking off her dress, Teressa slides her hand down into her panties and touches herself then suddenly pulls them up inside her pussy lips.
She pulls and tugs at her pussy then gets completely naked ready for some more fun and games! After a bit more pussy lip tugging and stretching, Teressa uses some chopsticks to rub against her labia and rolls her pussy lips up like they are in a Sushi restaurant! This gorgeous European can’t wait to move onto something a little naughtier so uses a black vibrator to tease her clit and slide inside herself.
This sex toy gives her the perfect amount of pleasure so that she can orgasm in this fantastic solo play scene!

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