Oprah & Yenna

Oprah & YennaPretty brunette Yenna is playing on her phone and relaxing when her blonde girlfriend Oprah comes into the room.
Oprah is in the mood for some fun, so unbuttons Yenna’s sheer blouse and starts to lick her nipples.
These gorgeous girls kiss and strip each other down to their white panties within no time and Oprah pulls Yenna’s panties up inside her pussy.
Once they are completely naked, Oprah licks Yenna’s pussy before Yenna bends her blonde girlfriend over and returns the favour! Both girls have got toys they want to play with so firstly, Yenna gets a nice red vibrator inside her pussy, followed by a pussy pump which they use to pump out the sex toy! Oprah gets her turn too then both girls use their own separate dildos to perform mutual masturbation! Oprah comes first with the help of Yenna and her steady hand, and Yenna follows closely afterwards! Once they have both cum, they kiss each other passionately to end this horny lesbian toying scene!

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Bowling Girls

Bowling GirlsLoreen and Cayla want to play a game together, so set up a game of skittles.
They both come up with a much more fun way to play it and that’s to try to knock the pins over by pissing on them! Loreen goes first and lifts up her skirt before firing her piss at the skittles pins.
Next up, it’s Cayla’s turn.
She pulls off her denim hotpants, crouches down and pees multiple spurts over the pins.
None of the pins move, so Cayla knocks them over with her hands! Both girls strip naked and have another shot at this new game before rolling around in both of their pissy puddles! Cayla teases Loreens pussy before inserting it into her hole and Loreen enjoys it so much that she squirts over Cayla! She returns the favour to Cayla by fucking her tight pussy with a skittle as Cayla rubs her clit to get herself off.

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Marti and Rosy

Marti and RosyMarti and Rosy love guys but they get off on fucking each other at ever chance they get.
In this high definition video watch as Marti and Rosy play with each others XXL pussy lips.
They go slow and make sure the camera catches all the cameltoe action.
Having a meaty pussy that close to their faces makes these ladies go in mouth first as they lick and suck each other off.
When they get wet, they pull out some impossibly large toys to work into their wanting holes.
This is lesbian sex at its finest so be sure to see all the XXX pussy action here as Marti and Rosy get their sex on.

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Regina Spanked

Regina SpankedRegina wanted to put on an extra special show for you today so she brought along her favorite bi-sexual lesbian mistress to play with today.
Regina likes to be dominated, spanked and fucked hard by hot women with toys.
In this scene, Regina allows her Mistress to reveal her sexy bits using a thin wooden cane.
Her puffy peach vagina engulfs her white panties but they don’t stay on for long! See Regina lube up a thick dildo with her own spit as she sucks it before bending over to take hard and deep from behind.

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Sonia and Blue

Sonia and BlueThese two sexy girls are dressed in shimmering lingerie but it quickly falls by the side as they dig in to each others feminine charms.
With sweet nipples being exposed and licked hard there is no time to waste on cumbersome clothes anyway.
Both Sonia and Blue have a big taco and they each get a workout from an eager tongue in turn.
Shining bright with wetness only adds to the tangy flavor they desire.

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Kari and Gina

Kari and GinaFans of sensual lesbian porn will love this romantic interlude starring the lovely Kari and erotic Gina.
The girls play together so beautifully, as the music heightens their arousal and that leads to all kinds of first time excitement.
Join these adorable lesbian sweethearts for some amazing anal excitement as well!

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Rivas Lesbian

Rivas LesbianTwo girls get together for a very sexy anal performance by Rivas, one of the top cameltoe models in the world today.
The toy play is exquisite and having a cute blonde girlfriend working a stiff purple dildo in and out of her ass is even more erotic than watching Rivas do it all herself.
This duo gives great ass play up close and personal!

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Aliz et Ivana

Aliz et IvanaLesbian love is always such a sweet sight.
Aliz and Ivana have known each other a while, and Aliz has always wanted a taste of her bisexual friend but never had the courage to ask.
Finally, Ivana surprises her with warm kisses and the sexual feast she has longed to enjoy!

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